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The Hefele Group makes international investments focused on private equity, real estate, and distressed credit strategies. The consortium invests in Europe and the US on behalf of its institutional and high net worth partners. Our group’s target deal size ranges between €1 and €100 million. We take controlling positions in our companies and actively add value through our management and financial expertise. We concentrate a majority of our efforts on Portugal where we have become one of the leading foreign investors in the country.


We targeted Portugal because we can achieve higher returns than in other overcrowded Western markets. The smaller size of Portugal’s market makes it difficult for large-cap funds to deploy enough capital and meet their minimum ticket requirements. As a result, they ignore this market and leave prime opportunities for mid-cap investors like us. We saw the financial arbitrage opportunities and made sure to arrive in the market before the herd of institutional investors found Southern Europe popular. Since then, these institutional investors have followed us to Southern Europe to achieve higher yields than what they can attain in the traditional European markets.


Because we are on the ground, we have an unbeatable local knowledge of the market. We source transactions through our network of banks and business owners, and have extensive relationships with top managers in various industries. After identifying a potential acquisition, we work with our operational partners to define a detailed plan to contribute value and will arrange a structured financing with our debt and mezzanine partners. We work extensively with our companies post acquisition to create mutually beneficial ventures and ultimately strong returns for our investors.  




Karl Hefele is President and Founder of the Hefele Group where he focuses on acquisitions and the active management of their investments.


Mr. Hefele began his private investment career in 2005 with his initial real estate acquisition in the US. Following his successful sale, he continued his own private investments in various businesses and real estate transactions. After developing this prominent track record, Mr. Hefele decided to include outside capital on his transactions and formed the Hefele Group in 2014.


Prior to establishing the Hefele Group, Mr. Hefele worked in London as a financier in mergers and acquisitions at UBS Investment Bank. Mr. Hefele took part in various transactions cumulatively exceeding over €6 billion. These deals encompassed various industries including real estate, technology, financial institutions as well as non-performing loan portfolios.

Mr. Hefele serves on the London School of Economics Executive Alumni Committee.

Mr. Hefele graduated with honours from the London School of Economics. He also holds a degree from The Lawrenceville School.

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