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Your Neighborhood Builder 
Change your Property - Change your World

Exceptionally good at what we do; 
building communities and improving lives 

Hefele Group Real Estate - About
Hefele Group Real Estate is a real estate development firm specialized in projects that improve communities and people's lives. We live in the communities that we work in so we understand how to do things right. Whether we build houses for families or industrial complexes for large firms, we empower people to live their best lives. 
Our Strategies
Strategy 01
Entitlements & Planning
Strategy 02
Strategy 03
Long Term Holds
Strategy 04
End to End Solutions
Innovation at our core

"Real estate development is being turned on its head by a group of new players who have learned to change with the times. Companies like Hefele Group Real Estate use modern construction methods, environmentally sustainable materials, and data technologies that create a better product at a better price. They will leave the old traditional firms in the dust. They are local players so they understand. Get on their wagon now" 

- Lisa S of New Jersey
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