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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio includes numerous properties in the New York City and Philadelphia metro regions. We have a particular focus on office, industrial, and multi-family properties. Many properties we chose to develop ourselves and hold in our portfolio for the long term. Because we are “on-the-ground” and take a hands-on approach, we have built relationships with many partners over the years. We  typically focus in this region because we want to re-invest in our own people and community. 

Snapshots from Our Portfolio Properties

Daily Portfolio Scenes.png

Portfolio Composition & Track Record

With humble beginnings and generations of hard work, we have expanded into various product types and operating businesses.

The primary exposure in our portfolio consists of office, multi-family, and industrial real estate. We manage risk through a well diversified tenant base across multiple product types to ensure consistent cash flows. Our asset management team ensures that we optimize the leasing and operational aspects of our properties to maintain our market leading position.

We typically seek to build returns though our entitlement and construction strategies, but above all, we build returns through trust, caring, and doing a good job.

“Intelligent Out-of-the-Box Thinkers”  
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