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Capitalizing on          Trust

The Unique Competitive Advantage - It's Called A Strong Family

Hefele Group Real Estate is a multi-generational family led development business. It started with two immigrants who came over on a boat and did not have much other than their good word. Trust, ethics and hard work laid the foundation as each generation put in their time to make a better life for their family. Not everyone has the good fortune of having a strong family, so we try to extend our own family and welcome in all the lives of everyone touched by our projects.


Today, we actively work across the real estate sector and have a unique specialty in the entitlement and construction portion the value chain. Our projects have included new development, rehabilitations, asset repositioning to help infuse life into communities and businesses. 

We have a big competitive advantage - treat our neighbors and partners like our family - people trust us and we delivery an excellent job.


Focus Area

We are "on-the-ground" investors and builders - we know the local people and have a good understanding of what type of project a community needs most. Our projects typically receive a lot of neighborhood support because we are not afraid to spend extra to do things right. We take a long-term approach - the quality of every project reflects our reputation for years to come. 

We take risks as sometimes the vision may be hard to see, but we know that by doing a good job we can get comfortable with complexities of zoning and difficult construction. We always measure local appetite and include neighborhood feedback in everything do. We put the work in so that we can exceed expectations. 


We invest in projects that:

     - Address the largest needs of a community 

     - Will improve the lives of local citizens

     - Provide sustainable and healthy neighborhood growth for future generations

     - Will leave our reputation in a better place than when we started

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