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Our Strategies

Planning & Entitlements

Our primary focus and one of the most important parts of a project. We talk to local citizens about what their neighborhood needs, their concerns, and how to create something that will stand the test of time. We incorporate this feedback into our design work so that we can go in front of a planning board with a project that we know they will support. 


Construction & Traditional Value-Add

Our expertise also extends to the traditional value-add methods of construction, rehabilitation, and asset management. We have created hundreds of well-paid jobs in our communities. We take on the general contractor responsibility and will oversee the greenfield construction or rehabilitations. Post development, we lead the asset positioning and tenanting process to ensure that we create market leading properties. We always then re-invest in the community so that we can continue to create jobs and improve people's lives. 

Long Term Management

We always take the long term approach with everything we do. We actively manage our properties ourselves and have done this for many years. As community members ourselves, we live and work in our own projects - everyday we are there ourselves making sure everything stays in top shape - one of the many reasons our partners, clients, tenants, and neighbors always speak highly of us. 

Distressed Assets

We are not afraid of entering communities that need help. In these situations, we typically offer the local government a public-private partnership so that we can work together to improve the municipality and address its needs. We will either rehabilitate an older historic asset to restore its grandeur, or build a fresh new vision or what the community asks for. 

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