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Who we serve...

We engage with an exclusive group of investors that includes institutions, high net worth individuals, and entrepreneurs. Our investors understand the fundamentals that drive a successful business and typically work with those who can contribute their expertise and industry connections. We value the perspectives of our investors in all of our decision making processes; we win together as a team.


We place a great deal of importance on communication with our investors. In that light, we want to share our investment tenets that guide our approach:


  • Never overpay for an asset. Buy below intrinsic value; we are not trophy seekers

  • Strong consistent returns prioritized over higher risk home runs (and potential losses)

  • Emphasis on risk control; superior results through increased risk can also lead to superior losses. We seek superior results with less than commensurate risk to protect our client’s capital

  • Inefficient markets – access to deep discounts or a knowledge advantage that we cannot achieve in crowded efficient markets

  • We do not target trophy assets because, despite the strong fundamentals, we will always run the risk overpaying. We believe everything is a safe investment at the right price

  • By acquiring assets below intrinsic value we manage risk and own something that will immediately pay us more than what we purchased it at


Ultimately, our end goal is excellence: to create the highest risk-adjusted returns for our investors and to make a global impact with our companies.


Our firm’s profitability must stem from doing all of the above. The Hefele Group is run for the benefit of its clients and their stakeholders. Profit without performance, bigness for its own sake and prosperity through cost cutting are all explicitly rejected. Our earnings should grow if we achieve excellence in investing... but only then.

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